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What is a Rainscreen?

  What is a Rainscreen?  Video Script: Hello I am Emily with Crosstown Marketing Group at Sutton Centre Realty and I am here to answer the question, “What is a Rainscreen?” A rainscreen is a cavity between the exterior of the building and the structural components which allows water to[…]

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Which is Better More Space or Good Location?

Which is Better More Space or Good Location?  Video Script: Hi I’m Emily Coates with Crosstown Marketing Group and I’m here to talk to you about larger space versus better location. Clients ask us all the time what is more important: Finding a small space in a location that they love and is[…]

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What is a Pre-Sale?

What is a Pre-Sale? Video Script: Hi Guys, I’m Emily Coates from Crosstown Marketing Group and I’m here to talk about pre-sales. A pre-sale is when a building or home is sold prior to it being built. It could be months or years before it will be completed. Pre-sales are[…]

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Find Out Sold Prices in Your Neighbourhood

The Market Snapshot tool allows you to monitor actual list and sold prices in your neighbourhood. Get it automatically emailed to you based on the schedule you set. It will also show you statistics for average days on market and median sold prices.

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