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What is a Rainscreen?


What is a Rainscreen? 

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Hello I am Emily with Crosstown Marketing Group at Sutton Centre Realty and I am here to answer the question, “What is a Rainscreen?”

A rainscreen is a cavity between the exterior of the building and the structural components which allows water to escape should it enter the building and not leak into the interior walls which is what happened during the Leaky Condo Phase here in Vancouver.

As you see this is a great indication of a building that has been rainscreened. It would have been built with a rainscreen and you can see the metal between the floors and great overhangs above the windows as well as flashings above each window that would prevent water from getting in. And should it get in the cavity between the interior wall and the exterior wall would allow it to escape easily

So as you can see this a great indication of a building that has not been rainscreened. There is no metal flashings between the floors and they have done some work to the building such as the metal flashings on top of the windows but they would have done that retroactively to try and prevent having to rainscreen in the future.

In summary, understanding the difference between a rainscreened property and an unrainscreened property is imperative in your purchase decision. We cover that on your Educational Tour which you can call us to book at anytime. The price difference between a rainscreened property and a non rainscreened property will be covered in there as well.

I am Emily with Crosstown Marketing Group and I talk Real Estate.


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