Acrosstown Realty Inc.


Seller Services

Have you outgrown your current home? Or maybe your current home has outgrown you? Ready to unlock the money you’ve made from your investment?

Whether your job has changed or you are just ready for something new, we are here to help!

Usually people don’t know where to start when considering a move, but that’s where we come in. The very beginning is the best place for us to start talking. We work with our sellers every step of the way, from the initial meeting, to home presentation recommendations and staging, through custom marketing plans, video production, advertising campaigns, showings, all the way to strongly negotiating on your behalf. Every step will be mapped out for you so you know what is coming next.

You will quickly learn why working with us is different, why our results in sales as well as our testimonials speak for themselves.

We would be pleased to present you with one of our signature marketing plans, designed specifically for you because