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Is The Single Family Home Market Changing?

We believe the answer is Yes. We have seen a small uptick and while “uptick” is not scientific, often the turn of the market starts with a feeling because by the time it is a proven fact we have moved past the bottom and are headed up. Here are some[…]

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When is the Right Time to Buy?

WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO BUY? With all of the conflicting news stories, statistics and commentary about the local real estate market, it is tough to know when to buy. Below are three scenarios that point to it being the right time to buy. The single family home market[…]

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The Changing Vancouver Real Estate Market

The real estate market is hard to make sense of currently, largely because the government is implementing change after change without allowing much time between the changes to actually analyze the effect of each change. It is clear that the 15% foreign buyer tax has created 2 very separate and[…]

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Want a True Picture of the Real Estate Market?

Here it is in five bullet points: 1. The number of sales are down 2. Inventory is still low 3. Higher priced single family homes are affected the most 4. Condos and Townhomes are still actively moving 5. Rents are going crazy The market is a dynamic place with many[…]

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Blame it on Expo 86

Image: Flickr/Jasperdo You can’t escape talk of real estate prices in Vancouver this year but despite the debate about what to do with foreign investors, empty properties, investor taxes, and a local’s entitlement to own property, the reality is Vancouver’s development and growth has deep ties to Asia (think railroads[…]

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Find Out Sold Prices in Your Neighbourhood

The Market Snapshot tool allows you to monitor actual list and sold prices in your neighbourhood. Get it automatically emailed to you based on the schedule you set. It will also show you statistics for average days on market and median sold prices.

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